Pigs Favorite Web Sites

Arnold's Bar and Grill Arnold's is the Pigs long time home base, and always has fine food and music

Four Seasons Cabin Rental - Hocking Hills (Washboard Festival) Lisa and Derek were our gracious hosts for the 2006 Festival, and have a beautiful place in the woods

Columbus Washboard Company The only company in the country still making washboards. They sponser the only Washboard Festival in the U.S. every June

The Kazoo Co. - Eden, NY The original and only metal kazoo factory in the country. Ed and Keith use the older screw-on resonator cap kazoos with The Pigs, and their kazoos were made here. The web site has interesting history about kazoos.

Michael Johnathon's Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour A great place to hear excellent acoustic musicians on the Internet. The Pigs played on Show #426 (archived)

Jug Band Jubilee - Louisville Rod Wenz's dedicated efforts to preserve this unique form of music. The Pigs have been privileged to play in all the Jubilee's since 2006.

Rabbit Hash General Store Where time slows down, and the people are nice. The Pigs love playing in The General Store

Queen City Balladeers Preserving Folk Music for over 40 years. Most of the Pigs have been Balladeer members. Still operating the oldest coffeehouse in Cincinnati, and we hear, it's also the second oldest in the country.

Michael Johnson The Balladeers met Michael in the late 60's, when he was with Denver, Boise and Johnson. A fine, professional singer and entertainer

Dr. Tom Beck's Web Site Tom, our bass player, is responsible for raising the average group Pig I.Q. by several points

Buy Tom Beck's book on Amazon The average Pig has trouble even pronouncing the title of Tom's book - only $125.00

Buy Jenny Marlowe's book on Amazon John Marlowe's daughter Jenny has a book she contributed to called "An Introduction To Toxicogenomics", available at Amazon for only $199.95

Jake Speed and The Freddies Jake is a Cincinnati institution, and a great songwriter

ChordBook.com A good place to find those guitar chords you've wondered about, and, tune your guitar!

The Juggernaut Jug Band Long time Pig friends and excellent musicians

Washboard Slim and The Blue Lights An excellent Connecticut Jug Band, the Pigs being partial to Cynthia's unique way of keeping a kazoo warm

The Carolina Chocolate Drops Authentic sounding, old time String Band group and nice people

The Gutbucket Jug Band Email friends of The Pigs from Australia, and fantastic musicians

The Dirdy Birdies Jug Band A great group of Jug Band'ers from New Jersey?? (for god's sake)

The Hump Night Thumpers A group of Chicago Jug Band people the Pigs have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with

Charlie on The M.T.A. Get the full history of this song the Pigs do

Oscar Brand's Home Page We learned half of our filthy songs from Oscar Brand

George Gruhn's Vintage Instrument Shop George has been selling Vintage Instruments for a longggg time

Elderly Instruments Vintage Instruments and musical supplies

Mandolin Brothers Vintage Instruments in New York

Spike Jones A Wikipedia article about one of The Pigs' comedy influences

Dave Van Ronk Another Wikipedia article about one favorite performer of ours


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