About These Guys

What.........are the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs?

The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs are Cincinnati's premier Jug Band. They have been around since the early years of the Rolling Stones, have lasted longer than the Beatles and have more living members than the Grateful Dead. In the Cincinnati Enquirer, they were once compared to the Julliard String Quartet, although not favorably. They have played at every Tall Stacks, at the Cincinnati Bicentennial Celebration, for the runners in the Flying Pig Marathon, many times in the summer concert series in the amphitheater in Eden Park, for the Art Museum, for a sit down dinner on the observation deck of the Carew Tower, and in many bars, back yards and living rooms throughout the area. From country club weddings to pig roasts to 4th of July parties they have played them all.

  The band features Eric Buhrer on the jug, slide whistle, kazoo, bird calls, train whistle, boat whistle and various other sound producing devices as well as his singing talents. Sharing the vocals with Eric is Keith Baker, who also covers the bands percussion needs with his gloved hands majestically flailing at the genuine Columbus Washboard Company washboard, which is accessorized with cymbal, teak blocks, and cow bells.  With Ed horning in the band the ensemble is enhanced with his abilities on the banjo ukelele (one instrument), harmonica, and vocals. John Marlowe lends a hand with his tremendous guitar playing and vocals, and Tom Beck ties it all together with fine work on the base and additional vocals.

Together this band performs songs ranging from turn of the century (20th century) ballads, to songs that barely made it in time for the 20th century. Many of the songs are humorous, some are rendered funny simply by being performed by a Jug Band, and others are done for no apparent reason other than the fact that someone in the band was able to remember all the words. When asked to describe this band it is best to deflect the question, and tell the uninformed that they simply have to experience "The Pigs" for themselves, for any attempt to describe them leaves both the narrator and the listener confused.

So come on out and find this band, where ever they may be. Sometimes it's the Zoo, sometimes Fountain Square, sometimes on the Recreation Commission's Showmobile in one of Cincinnati's many fine parks, sometimes at Arnold's Bar and sometimes its a street corner downtown. Wherever it is, you will no doubt leave thinking. . . thinking. . .


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